National Palace Museum​

The National Palace Museum Adapts Cutting-Edge Technology to Breathe New Life into a Classic Collection


The curators at National Palace Museum needed to fully outfit one section of its massive museum in order to create a dynamic exhibition that would demonstrate accurately and in real time, the elaborate detailed artworks of the Qianlong era through interactive, innovative digital technologies.


For a massive seamless image, the museum used three BenQ Full HD Projectors to create one continuous projection capable of providing movie quality content without gaps. To better utilize the National Palace Museum’s hall space, ultra-short-throw projectors were used. This versatile projector gave the curators more freedom to manipulate projections. Additionally, BenQ’s Transparent Displays and Interactive Flat Panels provided vibrant, crystal clear images that could transport visitors to a bygone era.


The project made full use of multi-function, high-value-added integrated display technology, uniting a complementary range of diverse display products, including projectors, large displays, interactive flat panel displays and transparent panel displays. By deploying digital multimedia content, the curators could escape traditional display practices to create a versatile, flexible space that gave way to a wider range of possibilities for museum operators and artists to collaborate through the multimedia technology to present a lifelike, realistic interpretation of the Qianlong era (1734-1796) without missing a single detail.

Facts at a Glance

Taiwan National Palace Museum


Year of Completion




National Palace Museum desired to create a one of a kind exhibition to showcase the elegance of the Qianlong era with a wide range of innovative display technologies.

BenQ Solution Used

- BenQ Full HD Projector
- BenQ Ultra-Short-Throw Projector
- BenQ Transparent Display
- BenQ Interactive Flat Panel

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