InstaShow™ Plug & Play Wireless Presentation Solution

Relentless Innovation, Flawless Presentation

BenQ's InstaShow™ is a unique no-software plug-and-play wireless presentation solution that allows up to 32 presenters to lead from the devices they feel most comfortable with. Tastefully minimalist in its one-button design and naturally instinctive to use, InstaShow™ transform cluttered meeting spaces into seamless collaborative experience with zero delay and minimal maintenance.

  • True Plug-and-Play Wireless Presentation Solution
  • PC, Mac and Smart Devices Compatible
  • No Software Installation and Execution
  • Split-Screen Presentation for Collaboration
  • Trustworthy Security Protection with AES 128-bit security encryption and WPA2 authentication protocol

Ultimate Collaborative Freedom

Sharing Great Ideas Is Now Easier Than Ever

Do you ever find yourself struggling with presentation tech in the meeting room? Or have you experienced the awkward silence when the presenter’s laptop can’t connect to the display? InstaShow™ is the solution to these problems and more. Explicitly designed to reduce downtime and uncomfortable silences, InstaShow is the ultimate plug-and-play presentation solution. Featuring just a single button and requiring no software or drivers, InstaShow allows presenters to kick off productive meetings with greater efficiency than ever before.

Plug-And-Play Simplicity

Are you tired of wasting time installing new software and drivers before every presentation? Then it’s time to try InstaShow™. Easy for anyone to set up, InstaShow lets you start sharing from the moment it’s plugged in. It also significantly enhances corporate efficiency and agility by allowing up to 32 users to connect and present in turn without the usual tech-related delays between presenters. Furthermore, InstaShow’s support for integrated hardware encoding and decoding ensure it can provide smooth presentation and video playback regardless of the operating system and capabilities of the source notebook.

No-Limitations Projection

Have you always wanted to share content from your phone or tablet but never found a solution? InstaShow™ S supports mobile devices, such as Android and iOS smartphones and tablets, making it easier than ever to share. With the InstaShare app, you can stream content from your smart device to a large display without limitations. Just connect to InstaShow S’s Wi-Fi Receiver and you’re ready to start presenting.

Encourage Synergetic Collaboration

Collaborative Sharing with Multiple Devices Simultaneously

What if you want to share multiple screens at once but have only one projector? InstaShow™ S lets you activate split-screen with a single button and share everyone’s ideas at the same time. InstaShow S can accelerate decision making and shorten meetings by allowing up to 4 users to present from different devices at once.

Enhanced Control with Touch Back

Want to capture the audience’s attention? InstaShow™ S’s touch back feature lets you switch PowerPoint slides directly with the touch screen to wow your audience and make presentations more impressive. You can switch PowerPoint slides, start videos, and more directly via a touch screen without having to continuously switch back and forth between the display and your laptop.

Robust Security Protection

Software-Free Operation for Greater Peace of Mind

Are you concerned about protecting your company’s innovative intellectual property? Or maybe you want to keep viruses and malware off your laptop? InstaShow™ offers no-hassle protection against both hackers and corporate spies. Just plug InstaShow into a laptop and you are ready to share securely. Because it’s an all-hardware solution that requires no software, drivers, or downloads of any kind, InstaShow completely eliminates many potential entry points that viruses and malware can exploit. 

Trustworthy Security Protection

InstaShow™ keeps important corporate intellectual property private and safe from tampering or unintended disclosure, ensuring future business sustainability. AES 128-bit security encryption and the WPA2 authentication protocol guarantee that presentations are absolutely secure. The security handshake also assures smooth, high-quality wireless streaming of presentations. This allows presenters to share confidential information without worrying about security breaches. InstaShow also supports HDCP to ensure content with digital rights management will play smoothly without delay, error messages, or interruption.

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