Projecteur de qualité supérieure pour salle de conférence

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Transformez votre salle de réunion en une zone de productivité. Les projecteurs de qualité supérieure BenQ pour salle de conférence sont dotés de la technologie laser BlueCore qui aide les employés à voir clairement et à mieux retenir les informations. L'évolutivité sans fil permet d’utiliser les projecteurs de qualité supérieure BenQ pour salle de conférence dans un grand nombre de scénarios de présentation, depuis les discussions impromptues jusqu’aux événements majeurs, tandis que la fiabilité à long terme et la maintenance minimale requise assurent des performances constantes pendant des années et des années.

  • Qualité d’image supérieure et durable grâce à la projection laser BlueCore
  • Des images en UHD 4K d’une qualité saisissante jusque dans les moindres détails
  • Solutions de présentation sans fil évolutives, fluides et efficaces
  • Mise à niveau simple et centralisée des appareils et microprogrammes via contrôle LAN

Laser Technology and Color Performance

Exclusive BlueCore Technology

Clear, aesthetically pleasing visual content can boost productivity and increase efficiency. Drawing from its experience as the world’s #1 DLP brand, BenQ has designed the Superior Conference Laser Projector to deliver brightness, durability, and performance that will make meetings more effective than ever.

Superior Brightness

Precision-Aligned High-Output Laser Source

The zero-deviation alignment of BlueCore laser diodes boosts luminous flux into the light tunnel, improving efficacy.

Superior Performance

Secondary Yellow-Infused Color Wheel

The dual synchronized BlueCore color wheel utilizes an additive yellow segment, stimulating precise RGBY spectra for optimal chromatic performance.

Superior Durability

Hermetically Sealed DLP Chip

Comprising over two million micromirrors that reflect pure light through the color wheel, the DLP chip is hermetically sealed so that it can resist heat for over 100,000 hours without degradation.

High Brightness for Well-Lit Conference Rooms

Meeting attendees in every corner of the room will remain more attentive and focused when viewing visual content that’s vibrant even when the lights are on. Offering up to 5000 lumens of BlueCore-powered brightness, BenQ Superior Conference Laser Projectors are capable of producing clear images in both dark and well-lit spaces.

Exclusive Infographic Mode

Colorful presentations with abundant visual aids can help employees retain meeting content up to 82% more effectively, while text that’s clearly legible can boost focus and increase attention span. This is why all BenQ Superior Conference Room Projectors feature an advanced Infographic Mode that’s perfect for enlivening the graphics and stylish text used in modern presentations. Infographic Mode offers enhanced brightness and better color gradation for eye-friendly presentations that are guaranteed to make idea-sharing more precise. Meanwhile, the additional Vivid Mode is a great choice for emphasizing colorful imagery when displaying video or photos.

Wireless Scalability for Enhanced Flexibility

Press-and-Show Presentations with InstaShow™


The Streamlined Solution for Large Meetings with Multiple Presenters


Instantly turn any meeting room into a wireless-friendly environment with InstaShow, the ultimate tool for sharing opinions quickly and making meetings smoother. BenQ’s InstaShow is a plug-and-play, zero-software solution that allows up to 32 participants to present from any device – PC, Mac, iOS, Android, and more. InstaShow also supports both the 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and WPA2 authentication protocol to ensure that corporate intellectual property remains private and safe from tampering or unintended disclosure.

>> know more about InstaShow

Trustworthy Long-Term Reliability

Impressive 20,000-Hour Laser Lifespan

BenQ’s BlueCore laser technology resists color decay even after years of daily use. That means BenQ’s Superior Conference Room Projectors continue to perform nearly like new over the long-term, making them ideal for situations where powerful color performance and consistently reliable projection quality are desired.

DLP Technology for Color that Never Fades

With BenQ’s 1-chip DLP design, which can perform for over 100,000 hours without degrading, BenQ Superior Conference Room Projectors can deliver lifelike colors and sharp, clear text for years or even decades.

One-Finger Device Management

BenQ’s Centralized Control Software

With BenQ’s exclusive centralized control software, IT personnel can remotely manage an entire network of projectors from a single centralized location via local network. Offering powerful scheduling and configuration features and remote on/off capabilities, BenQ’s centralized control software makes it easy to monitor and control Superior Conference Laser Projectors either individually or in groups.

Extensive System Compatibility

BenQ Superior Conference Room Projectors are compatible with an assortment of control systems, including Extron, Creston, AMX, and PJ Link. This makes it easy to integrate BenQ Superior Conference Room Projectors into existing systems and get everything running smoothly in no time.

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