"Jamboard helps us focus more on the ideas, and less on translating creative direction to different teams. "

-Avi Couillard, Senior Strategist



"Jamboard democratizes brainstorms. Ideas come from everywhere, and being able to iterate early in the process helps you produce your best work."

-Andrew Barden, Senior Producer

"Jamboard breaks down barriers to interactive, visual collaboration across teams everywhere. It’s the perfect anchor for a meeting and encourages impromptu, productive sessions. We can easily add any content to the Jamboard to capture great ideas from everyone. We immediately saw the benefits."

-Shaown Nandi, Chief Information Officer at Dow Jones

"Gone are the days of taking a cellphone photo of a whiteboard or transcribing drawings into notes. Jamboard allows you to share knowledge visually and speed through the more tedious steps in any planning process."

-Brian Dochney, IT technical product owner



"I can see a future where Jamboard is on every screen making every meeting a multimedia collaboration event without needing to worry about where you are or what tools your missing."

-Brian Dochney, IT technical product owner



"Google Jamboard is so engaging and intuitive that following white-boarding and note-sharing the team can't help but use it for creative pastime"

-Krystan Mompere, Coordinator, Data


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