Haga crecer su negocio con Retail 4.0 ¿Qué significa Smart Retail para su negocio?

What does Smart Retail mean for your business?
2016.11.25 by 

Among the biggest driving forces of the service sector, the retail industry is undergoing the next stage of transformation. At its core, so-called Retail 4.0 or Smart Retail will require retailers to invest tremendous resources in new infrastructures and technologies to complete the changeover.

How do you take advantage of this thriving market? As an entrepreneur, you need to incorporate the concept of Omni-Channel Retailing into your business solution by providing retailers with cutting-edge cloud and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to elevate customer shopping experiences and facilitate the purchasing process.

Read our exclusive report on Retail 4.0 to find out more about:
    ●  Retailers and IoT
    ●  Omni-channel model defines Retail 4.0
    ●  Digital signage dominates IoT solution
    ●  Digital signage popularity in USA
    ●  How digital signage drives sales
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