Digital displays provide the simplest solution for operators to keep travelers informed and entertained. BenQ’s digital display solutions, including Smart Signage, BlueCore Laser Projectors and Flicker-free Monitors, are designed to streamline operations and ultimately enhance the airport experience with a variety of real-time content and visual entertainment.

How BenQ Display Solutions can amaze tourists in the airport

  • Adopt Smart Signage with X-Sign to create top-notch check-in counter displays, making it easy for travelers to find up-to-date flight and boarding gate information. Content scheduling and monitoring can all be controlled remotely via the internet, greatly saving extra manpower and resources for airport operation
  • BenQ’s Bluecore Laser projectors are painstakingly engineered to deliver high-brightness output, superior image quality and robust reliability. Offering dynamic installation options, these projectors provide operators with great flexibility to excite travelers and increase the impact of sponsored messages
  • Improve productivity and workplace efficiency with Flicker-free Monitors, providing a vision-friendly environment that lets staff focus on their work

Smart Signage

All-in-One Solution for Check-In Counter Displays

Built-in X-Sign Content Management Software

With X-Sign, smart signage can show bar customers what they need, when they need it. Over 100 built-in templates let bar operators create inspiring promotional content, and use advanced content scheduling to arrange playback times remotely via the Internet. These features empower operators to enrich bar experience with every kind of content, including menu showcases, live sports, and interactive games, without the need for extra manpower or complex server setup and maintenance.

Easy, Flexible Installation

With a slim, lightweight design that boasts a stylish look, BenQ’s Smart Signage can be easily mounted as check-in counter displays or arranged for advertising purposes in high-traffic areas, assuring 4K UHD information will draw customers’ attention at the right place and right time.

BlueCore Laser Projector

Captivating Visual Communication Delivered with Superior Image Quality and Enduring Reliability

Flicker-free Business Monitor

A Clearer Image for a Better Business

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