Over 50% of consumers wander through every aisle while shopping. By targeting these buyers, supermarkets can seize attention at every crucial buying moment. BenQ digital displays not only can meet any unique spatial needs but also can help operators facilitate targeted customer communication.

See how BenQ Display stimulates customer purchase in Supermarket

  • The completely customizable Bar-Type Display can make promotional content fit into any unique narrow spaces and deliver information at crucial buying moments.
  • Gorgeous 4K2K images and flexible installation make BenQ Smart Signage a must have for supermarkets looking to impress consumers while controlling signage operation remotely.

Bar-Type Display

Customizable Sized Signage Delivering Brilliant Images in Bright Environments

Compatible with X-Sign Content Management Software

Deliver timely content that engages customers with BenQ-exclusive X-Sign Content Management software. Providing multiple high quality templates for bar-type display, X-Sign streamlines workload so operators can create and curate all multimedia content to ensure consistent branding throughout the supermarket. Running sales, promotional or branded content on a fixed schedule simplifies the process and reduces the need for extra manpower.

Smart Signage

An Easy to Use, All-in-One Smart Solution

Built-In X-Sign Content Management Software

Accurate and reliable infrared technology makes for a high quality product. Easy to use and highly responsive, as a wayfinding display consumers can get the information they need immediately so they have no need to stop shopping.

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