Shopping Mall

Grabbing the attention of casual shoppers to transform them into determined buyers is made easy when the retail experience is heightened and in sync with shoppers’ needs. BenQ’s digital display solutions, including BlueCore Laser Projector, Interactive Signage and Double-Sided Signage, are designed to provide operators with great flexibility to excite customers and rev up the shopping experience.

Reasons why BenQ Display helps grab attentions for shopping malls

  • Deliver high-impact, ultra-bright images on a variety of surfaces with flexible installation and maintenance-free operation through a BlueCore Laser Projector
  • Eye-catching, easy to use and reliable, Interactive Signage improves wayfinding signage, not only helping consumers quickly find information but improving their overall shopping experience
  • Present high quality content visible from both sides with Double-Sided Signage, the world’s thinnest panel signage

BlueCore Laser Projector

Immersive projection with Flexible Installation and Enduring Reliability

Interactive Signage

Take Wayfinding a Step Further with Easy-to-Use Attention-Grabbing Signage

Multi-touch Capability

Accurate and reliable infrared technology makes for a high quality product. Easy to use and highly responsive, as a wayfinding display consumers can get the information they need immediately so they have no need to stop shopping.

Double-Sided Signage

Dual-Sided Viewing from Any Angle

World’s Slimmest Aero-thin 23.4mm Panel Design

In utilizing a single, dual-sided display, BenQ has put forth the world’s slimmest aero-thin panel. At less than 23.4mm, about as wide as a thumb, this state-of-the-art technology has the benefit of being easy to install and attracting attention in the most unexpected locations.

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