Small Medical Center in Poland Keeps itself Competitive with Online Retailers through Digital Signage

Medical Center Keeps Competitive with Digital Signage


A Polish medical center in Warsaw had been struggling with attracting customers. Without any digital display solutions, the medical center appeared older than it was. In addition, online cosmetic retailers were a threat to their livelihood. This medical center needed a digital display solution to deliver its message and promote itself and its products.


After speaking with a system integrator, the owners of the medical center felt that a smart signage solution would be the best option for them. The system integrator suggested BenQ’s ST550K, a 4K2K UHD display. Empowered by X-Sign, the content management software exclusively designed for all BenQ digital signage, ST550K was a complete package that can successfully satisfy the owner’s needs for an intuitive and powerful digital display solution capable of delivering messages to customers more effectively.


The ST550K is the perfect fit for the Polish medical center. The owners were relieved by how easy the digital signage solution was to install. Moreover, it gave them an edge they never had before. They were able to deliver their messages to anyone who came in seamlessly.

Facts at a Glance

Warsaw Medical Center, Poland



Year of Completion


BenQ Solution Used

BenQ ST550K Smart Signage Display

Country & Location

Warsaw, Poland


Help keep a small medical center remain competitive with online cosmetic shops through a digital display solution.

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