Fast Food Restaurant

Digital display solutions are increasingly implemented in the fast food industry to improve day-to-day operation efficiency, menu management and increase sales. Interactive Signage's touch-based controls allow restaurant operators to reduce waiting time by granting customers the freedom to order directly from a digital menu without the need for staff. Smart Signage can work smoothly with X-Sign software for easy content scheduling and management, providing a highly cost-effective way to operate and change menus. Through BenQ Display solutions, customers can make purchase decisions in the quickest time possible and leave satisfied.

See How BenQ Display Can Drive Up-Sell and Boost Productivity

  • Reduce waiting time with self-service Interactive Signage that controls all aspects of customer orders, from selection to payment operations, including up-sale opportunities.

  • Adopt Smart Signage with X-Sign content management software to create and edit content in real time to grab customers’ attention at the right moment with stunning 4K resolution. Remotely schedule custom content and distribute to smart signage through the internet.

Interactive Signage

Attractive Signage Engineered to Work Around the Clock for the Customers' Ease

Ambient Light Sensor

Equipped with intelligent light sensor, Interactive Signage can wisely measure a room's ambient light and adjust the display brightness and contrast for a perfect, crystal clear picture.

Smart Signage

An Easy to Edit and Schedule All-in-One Digital Menu

Built-in X-Sign Content Management Software

By powering smart signage with X-Sign Content Management Software, fast food restaurants are able to display all menu content at the right place and the right time. Powerful X-Sign Content Management Software provides operators with more than 100 professionally designed templates that can help create inspiring content. Managing and scheduling content doesn’t require complicated setup or more manpower, it’s all controlled through X-Sign. Ads for events, sales or promotional items can be scheduled with ease and have their playback times arranged through X-Sign. It’s that simple.

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