Surveillance Control Room

Easily control operations at scale in real-time with a complete system designed for rapid response. BenQ leads control room technology by streamlining content controls through a single user interface making for a consistent station to station setup. Monitoring and managing is made easy through X-Sign and MDA software and plug-and-play technology. A slim bezel-to-bezel gap and ultra-high definition 4K2K display ensures the best, uninterrupted picture quality around, ideal for security, weather, or traffic control rooms.

Find out how surveillance control room benefits from BenQ Display

  • Display astonishing, crystal clear images on an epic scale with BenQ’s Super Narrow Bezel Display, the ultra-narrow bezel display
  • Gain complete control over all displays or access individual ones with BenQ’s Smart Signage, X-Sign Content Management software and MDA; content management has never been simpler
  • On a 4K2K Professional Monitor, operators will never miss a single detail while enjoying the highest quality images in the truest clarity, and with IPS technology the display’s functionality is further intensified
  • By removing the color and light flicker that causes eye strain and visual fatigue, work environments are instantly more efficient with Flicker-free Business Monitors

Super Narrow Bezel Display

Uninterrupted Full Wall Display with Powerful Simple-to-Use Administrative Tools

Smart Signage

Superior Video Performance with Simple Display Management

Stunning High Resolution Images with 4K UHD Display

Offering ultra-high resolution (3,840 x 2,160), perfect picture clarity is achieved through BenQ’s Smart Signage 4K2K UHD display. Optimized for viewing, 4K2K UHD smart signage can display four times the information of a full 1080p HD display, ensuring that pertinent information is presented in the fullest detail.

Professional Monitor

Next Level Picture Quality and Performance

4K UHD Monitor with IPS Technology

Boasting four times the resolution of standard 1080p HD displays, BenQ’s Professional Monitor’s 4K Ultra HD display reveals every detail while utilizing the highest pixel density, taking the standard workspace to the next level. With In-Plane Switching (IPS) technology, the Professional Monitor presents the same high quality image no matter from which angle it’s viewed.

Flicker-free Business Monitor

Realistic Images on Eye-Care First Hardware

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