Hotel Lobby

Create a comfortable, informative and inviting atmosphere from the start. Set the mood with stunning, beautiful large images with a High Brightness Large Venue Projector. Catch guests coming and going with ongoing and upcoming event information by utilizing BenQ’s aero-thin Double-Sided Signage. Provide guests with wonderful gift ideas by utilizing the Transparent Display that provides information on the glass directly from a USB. Transform the lobby into a welcoming space for new, long-term and short-stay guests with a space that buzzes with excitement.

Check out BenQ’s display solution for the hotel lobby

  • Grab guests’ attention upon entry with a dual-lamp High Brightness Large Venue Projector that is designed to deliver superior image quality even in a spacious, well-lit lobby
  • Deliver content as guests come and go with Double-Sided Signage capable of being seen clearly and legibly from any angle
  • Enhance product sales with an easy to use augmented Transparent Display that not only entices customers but draws them in as well
  • Reduce staff fatigue and keep them working effectively and efficiently longer with Flicker-free Business Monitors

High Brightness Large Venue Projector

Command Guests’ Attention with Powerful Imagery and Keep them Informed

Double-Sided Signage

Target Guests Coming and Going with Double-Sided Signage

World’s Slimmest Aero-thin 23.4mm Panel Design

BenQ has created the world’s slimmest aero-thin dual-sided panel display. At less than 23.4mm, this state-of-the-art technology is no wider than a thumb. With two sides, content delivery can be two ways, targeting guests both arriving and leaving the hotel.

Transparent Display

Add an Elegant and Luxurious Layer to the All-in-One Box Display

Flicker-free Business Monitor

Realistic Images on Eye-Care First Hardware

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