Hotel Banquet Center

Banquet Centers are the go-to place for families looking to celebrate a new union or businesses planning important networking events. They expect capable and reliable facilities, and BenQ delivers on that premise. Give content new life in stunning 4K2K ultra high detail and create lifelong memories through powerful X-Sign software and dependable Smart Signage hardware. BenQ’s High Brightness Large Venue Projector is a versatile unit that excels at hardware connectivity and content delivery, even in brightly lit environments.

See why BenQ Display offers amazing visuals for hotel banquet center

  • Deliver hosts’ messages loudly and clearly through superior image quality with BlueCore laser large venue projector that is capable of bringing long-lasting larger-than-life images front and center with 20,000 hours maintenance-free laser technology.

  • Utilize X-Signto create stylish content with over 100 customizable templates and distribute content across all smart signage on the fly. Meanwhile, the powerful MDA software also can keep all Smart Signage in perfect performance throughout the venue by remotely monitoring the display status

BlueCore Laser Projector

Immersive Projection with Flexible Installation and Enduring Reliability

Smart Signage

Unmatched Video Quality and Performance with Simple Display Management

Built-in X-Sign Content Management Software

X-Sign content management software is a powerful tool that not only enables operators to create content with more than 100 completely customizable, professional-looking templates but also allows them to remotely schedule and distribute custom content across all smart signage simply via a centralized workstation. With X-Sign, operators can greatly enhance customer communication by delivering time-appropriate content to guests with ease.

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