Making Real Estate Properties More Attractive with Hillewaere Group

Making Real Estate Properties More Attractive with Hillewaere Group


Hillewaere Group, a real estate agency with 9 offices in Flanders, Belgium, wanted to upgrade their facilities at their headquarters in Turnhout to better serve their customers. They wished to modernize how they welcomed new customers into the store and also sought to boost the effectiveness of their customer meetings.


Based on the recommendation of their system integrator, Hillewaere Group looked to BenQ for help in redesigning their office. An eye-catching video wall was installed by the main entrance in order to better attract customers, and high-resolution smart displays were introduced to meeting rooms and offices in order to facilitate smoother, more effective business dealings.


The Hillewaere Group was extremely satisfied with the professional advice BenQ offered. They were also impressed with BenQ’s communication and oversight throughout the redesign process. The real estate agency feels the displays are the perfect solution to the issues they were facing and are elated with how customers have reacted to the redesigned office.

Facts at a Glance

Making Real Estate Properties More Attractive with Hillewaere Group


Real Estate

Year of Completion



A real estate company wishes to impress potential customers and make meetings more impactful.

BenQ Solution Used:

BenQ PL552 55” Super Narrow Bezel Display
BenQ ST430K 43” Smart Signage
BenQ ST550K 55” Smart Signage
BenQ ST650K 65” Smart Signage

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