South Korea E-room Education Institute

E-Room Education Institute and BenQ Short Throw Projector


At the E-room Education Institute in South Korea, “smart learning” is necessary. Having been at the forefront of e-learning for over five years, it was imperative that any technology used in the E-room Education Institute inspire interactivity as a means of building upon the instructors’ lessons.


To resolve this issue, BenQ suggested the MW820ST Interactive Projector. Created with the intention of improving classroom interactivity, the MW820ST helps educators motivate students to collaborate, discuss and share ideas. Moreover, the 0.49 short throw lens also allows students to enjoy bright, detail-oriented image even in a small-sized classroom.


The E-Room Education Institute went with the PointWrite™ Solution Package, which included the MW820ST Projector and PW01 PointWrite™ Module and four pens. These two items were more than enough to sustain the school’s reputation as a tech-forward education center.

Facts at a Glance

South Korea E-room Education Institute



Year of Completion



Provide a projector solution to replace outdated smart board.

BenQ Solution Used

PointWrite™ Solution Package:
• MW820ST Interactive Projector
• PW01 PointWrite™

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