Primary School

Classroom Ready Solutions Welcomed with Open Arms in Newly Renovated International Primary School


Primary School 76 in Wroclaw City, Poland recently renovated its campus classrooms and wanted not only to modernize the interior but also incorporate the latest digital solutions which would provide classroom ready solutions to inspire collaborative learning.


In an effort to conduct classroom exercises efficiently and promote classmate collaboration, four IFP solutions were installed. These digital solutions equipped the students and instructors with the EZWrite annotation app and NFCPen, tools they used to enhance classroom collaboration and hands-on learning with the classroom’s centerpiece IFP solution.


The staff and students at Primary School 76 were immensely satisfied with their initial order and were motivated to order an additional three IFPs for other classrooms at the school, the instructors even recommended BenQ to other primary schools in the area.

Facts at a Glance



Year of Completion



Primary School


An international primary school incorporates interactive flat panels in its classrooms to enhance student collaboration.

BenQ Solution Used

•   BenQ IFP RP653
•   BenQ IFP RP552H
•   EZWrite 3.0
•   QTouch
•   NFCPen

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