Historic Primary Education Center in Poland Boosts Student Participation with Interactive Flat Panel

Primary School No. 16 and BenQ Interactive Flat Panel


The administration at the primary school wanted technology solutions front and center because its students’ attention during lessons had dwindled recently, and the staff had noticed a huge decline in student participation and team collaboration. Interactive flat panels were introduced to increase overall student involvement.


The classrooms at Primary School No. 16 selected BenQ Interactive Flat Panel solutions to increase student participation with displays they could interact with through touch-based controls. Moreover, the Interactive Flat Panels come with built-in comprehensive tools for presentation and collaboration, and its germ-resistant screen is a huge benefit for a classroom full of children.


School staff reported a dramatic increase in student participation upon the installation of the Interactive Flat Panels. With an extensive set of tools, instructors could create games for the students with BenQ software, and even make annotations directly on the presentation. Adding to the fact, students could draw on the board, the Interactive Flat Panels became an integral part of the classroom environment. After the success of the first installation, the school ordered more units for its classrooms.

Facts at a Glance

Primary School No. 16



Year of Completion


BenQ Solution Used

RP650+ Interactive Flat Panel
RP653 Interactive Flat Panel


Poland Primary School No. 16 fit classrooms with BenQ’s Interactive Flat Panel installation to achieve a collaborative learning environment.

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