Higher Education - Lecture Hall

For classrooms large or small, BenQ’s education technology aims to help teachers deliver messages in the most impactful way, allowing college students to expand their knowledge and hone essential career skills. The High-lumen Projector, offering superior brightness, is designed to engage every student with stunning images even in a large, fully lit lecture hall. For true collaborative learning, Interactive Flat Panel can empower teachers to trigger interaction in no time and significantly enhance learning outcomes.

How BenQ makes higher education in lecturer hall more effective

High-lumen Projector

Superior Image Quality for Students Near and Far

Interactive Flat Panel

Interactive Learning Made Possible with Unlimited Possibilities

Interactive Software Compatibility

Compatible with a wide variety of educational software, BenQ’s Interactive Flat Panels allow teachers to work with their preferred software tools for enhanced interactive learning. The EZWrite 3.0 annotation app, with dynamic cooperation and annotation tools, not only enables students and teachers to take colorful notes across multiple media file types, but also instantly enhances class activities. To make annotating with EZWrite 3.0 even easier, the NFCPen allows teachers to tap the display’s NFC sensor to start writing immediately or change the writing color. This helps teachers maintain a smooth teaching flow, free from technical interruptions.

Lower TCO with Robust Reliability and Hassle-free Management

Tap into touch-enhanced learning at minimal cost. BenQ interactive flat panels offer easy, cost-effective installation, and a panel life of up to 30,000 hours ensures steady performance for years to come. BenQ’s Interactive Flat Panels also integrate Multiple Display Administrator (MDA) software, allowing IT personnel to manage all displays in real-time via local network.

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