Meeting Room & Boardroom

Digital displays help businesses improve meetings by presenting pertinent information through presentations, documents, images and more. BenQ has a variety of digital display solutions such as High Brightness Business Projectors and Interactive Flat Panels, all of which have been created for ease of use, and to increase efficiency and boost participation for office environments.

How BenQ Display turns meeting rooms into places of efficiency

  • Present content wirelessly and instantly with InstaShowTM, a hardware that requires no software and allows up to 16 participants to connect notebooks and take over instantly
  • Display stunningly bright, crystal clear images with reliable, flexible Business Projectors that capture staff attention, while simultaneously streamlining company meetings
  • With Big Zoom and Lens Shift capability, flexible installation and easy calibration is possible on Business Projectors, even in large boardrooms


An Easy to Use Plug and Play All-in-One Wireless Presentation Solution

Business Projector

Attention-commanding Projections for Everyday Business Meetings

Interactive Flat Panel

High-Quality Images for on the Fly Interactive Meetings

4K2K Ultra High Resolution

Boasting 4x the pixel density of other Full HD flat panel displays, BenQ’s 4K2K (3840x2160) ultra-high resolution Interactive Flat Panel guarantees the sharpest images when displaying pertinent meeting information, relevant visual aids or detailed business strategies.

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