Corporate Showroom

First impressions are important. When potential clients step into a showroom they’re often greeted by images. If those images have weak colors, low brightness, or unclear text, it can create a weak first impression and even result in lost business. That’s why it’s essential to provide a visual experience that will capture potential clients’ attention, engage their senses, and make them want to know more.

Learn Why BenQ Is the Best Partner for Designing Your Corporate Showroom

  • BlueCore Laser Technology produces exquisite image quality
  • Dual Color Wheels offer nearly full Rec. 709 coverage
  • BlueCore laser delivers 20,000 hours of peak performance with Dust GuardTM dustproof technology
  • 360° Installation, Optional lenses, Motorized Zoom, and Lens Shift features allow for flexible installation options
  • BenQ’s exclusive MDA software lets operators manage and monitor multiple devices from a central location, making it easy to change content and ensure that all displays and projectors are performing at their best

Corporate Showroom Laser Projector

Ultimate Performance and Versatility for Corporate Showrooms

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