Moviegoers are increasingly excited by the convenience and wonder technology can provide, especially in theaters as wait times can be significantly reduced. With BenQ technology, customers can learn more about the cinema’s current films and show times, and even purchase tickets, allowing for staff to focus their attention elsewhere. Interactive Signage’s multi-touch capability makes it easy for customers to navigate menus; Smart Signage is able to display concession prices thereby reducing wait times. Meanwhile, High Brightness Installation Projector can display trailers for the latest releases. Together BenQ technology transforms the cinema lobby into a super entertainment hub.

See How BenQ Display Can Make Cinema Experience Premium

  • Deliver the highest quality video content from a variety of video formats with a High Brightness Installation Projector
  • Give customers the freedom to help themselves with reliable, touch-based controlled Interactive Signage that flawlessly operates in both horizontal and vertical positions
  • Provide pertinent information on a 4K2K (3840x2160) display, create custom content quickly with X-Sign, and utilize MDA to manage multiple displays with BenQ’s Smart Signage

High Brightness Installation Projector

High Definition Image Quality with Centralized Projection Management

Premium Image Quality with High Brightness

Feel confident in a big way with BenQ’s high brightness projector. Whether in a dimly-lit space or one flooded with light, the high lumen installation can still produce clear and sharp images that never cease to amaze. The enhanced luminance boosts vivid color intensity and depth, allowing for top-notch color performance to display movie trailers and promotional events with the maximal visual impact.

Interactive Signage

Dependable Touch-based Controlled Signage with Stunning High Definition Picture Quality

Ambient Light Sensor

Taking its surroundings into account, this Interactive Signage is capable of intelligently adapting to its environment. From the brightest ambience to the darkest locations, this signage automatically adjusts screen brightness and reduces energy consumption by as much as 50% while maintaining a brilliant and clear display.

Smart Signage

Stunning Clarity with Easy Content Creation and Complete System Control

Built-In X-Sign Content Management Software

X-Sign Content Management brings content front and center with reliable software that makes it easy to create content in seconds. Packed with over 100 pre-made templates, operators can craft custom messages and advertisements to deliver directly to consumers in the lobby. With remote scheduling, content can appear at exactly the right time, and vary screen to screen.

Compatible with Multiple Display Administrator (MDA) Software

Empowering operators is Multiple Display Administrator (MDA) software, a powerful tool that decreases TCO and increases energy savings. Capable of detecting display issues or tiny fluctuations in image quality, MDA will immediately notify the system administrator of any display issues. Additionally, co-working with the local network, MDA gives operators the tools necessary for blanking screens not in use, further adding to the energy savings.

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