How to start to using X-Sign Broadcast?

Before use broadcast function, please check:
(1) If the projector is connected to a wireless network
(2) If Time Zone is correct or not (Need to be consistent as where projector is.)
Please follow below steps to use X-Sign Broadcast.
(1) You need to have a new account as an administrator with BenQ IAM (Identify and Access Management).Log in and choose X-Sign service.
(2) Find "Display ID" : You can find "Display ID" shown from the "Broadcastsetting" App on the Projector
(3) Add a New device on the Manager page in X-Sign Website: Enter the display ID to the device ID on the Manager page in X-Sign Website, Then enter the device name
(4) Start to broadcasting.

*Refer to “X-Sign Broadcast” Website for details
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