How to move the displays?

The display has limited mechanical strength. To prevent the display from performance failure caused by line defects, front bezel bending, glass scratch/broken, light leakage, etc, it must be handled with care.
1. When you want to move the display, make sure the four handles are held.
2. Always move the display by at east two adults with both hands.
3. Lay down the display gently and horizontally.
4. When you want to place the display face down, prepare a flat and horizontal surface that is larger than the display and spread a thick protective sheet on it.
5. Be careful not to scratch any parts of the display when upturning the display.
6. Lift the display up horizontally by holding the four handles. Do not lift the display against its corner.
7. When you want to upturn the display, stand he display vertically to make sure its weight spread evenly on the surface.
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