Compatible Models
LU9915/LU9715/ PU9730/ PX9710/ PW9620
Motorized Lenses
LS1ST3/ LS1ST2/ LS1ST1/ LS1SD/ LS1LT1/ LS1LT2 / LS1LT3 LU9915/LU9715/ PU9730/ PX9710/ PW9620/ PU9530/ PW9520/ PX9510
Manual Lenses
LS2ST4/LS2ST2/LS2ST3/ LS2ST1/ LS2SD2/ LS2LT1/ LS2LT2 LU9235/ LX9215/ PU9220/PU9220+/ PX9210/PX9230
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