Workplace Wellbeing


BenQ have been manufacturing display technology for a number of years and have long championed visual health in our monitors and displays. Since branching out into collaboration technology, we’ve taken this priority further, extending our range of health and wellbeing features into a suite of Healthcare+ benefits. The DuoBoard corporate IFP is the ultimate collaboration tool, integrating seamlessly with existing business technologies and maximising workplace wellbeing. 


Eye-Care, Because We Care

When it comes to creating a safe and cohesive workspace, health matters. DuoBoard ensures meeting rooms can embrace collaboration without compromising employee health by providing Smart Eye-Care technology. 

The Smart Eye-Care solution from BenQ combines embedded motion sensors with Anti-Glare, Low Blue Light and Flicker-Free technologies for optimum eye comfort. DuoBoard detects the movement of users in close proximity to the screen to automatically adjust display settings, activating its Flicker-Free and Low Blue Light Features. 

Only Sharing Great Ideas


Built into our DuoBoard CP Series is an antibacterial touch screen coating. Ensuring the display is safe for multiple users to interact with, thanks to a specially engineered silver nanoparticle coating which reduces the spread of bacteria via the display. The touch screen display is certified with a TUV Test Report and retains microbial efficiency through extended use and maintenance. 


A Breath of Fresh Air


With an inbuilt air quality sensor to intelligently monitor Carbon Dioxide levels, the DuoBoard helps you to maintain the optimum environment for an efficient and impactful meeting. The intuitive design indicates the air quality allowing for the necessary measures to be implemented and ensure professionals remain focussed and productive. 

Tying Yourself in Knots?


Banish cable clutter and unnecessary stress from your next meeting with this contactless presentation solution. Pre-installed to the DuoBoard, BenQ's Instashare software for seamless wireless presentation that allows real-time collaboration; Instashare supports Two-way touch control for co-creation and annotations as well as Two-way screen mirroring for wireless projection.

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