Pantone Validation: The Power of Colour

2020.04.21 by 

Is my blue the same as your blue?
    Although we all have different ideas about what different colours mean to us, colour has a unique ability to instantly convey meaning without the use of words. It explains why blue is so frequently used in the logos of financial services and yellow in the logos of fast food chains. A cornerstone of branding strategy, colour remains integral to the identities of the global organisations we interact with every day.

    The crucial role colour plays in brand recognition calls for a sophisticated colour matching system which ensures end-to-end uniformity, from design to delivery. The subtle differences between tones isn’t just about maintaining visual consistency, but can be the difference between one message and another.

    Before the days of digital displays, this meant matching different blends of pigments to ensure the printed colour of a manufactured product matched the original design. Pantone’s colour matching system remains the number one index used by designers worldwide to ensure colour consistency.

    Today however, we’ve seen an explosion in the use of digital signage by companies spanning all sectors. From large-scale OOH advertising to wayfinding and in-store product labelling, digitally reproduced imagery has become the global norm. This shift from print to digital means global brands now need to rely on the consistency of digital displays to maintain brand identity. With so many different display solutions on offer it’s inevitable that the colour reproduction varies between manufacturers, producing inconsistencies in brand communication.

    BenQ has worked with Pantone to develop a new generation of signage solutions which are validated against Pantone’s world-leading matching system. This guarantees users that the colour reproduced is true to both its print counterparts, and across different digital displays, ensuring perfect colour uniformity and protecting brand identity.

    BenQ’s SL02K Series is the world’s first and only Pantone validated smart signage. Ranging from 43 to 85-inches, the SL02K series’ sleek, slim frame can be positioned in any orientation and features X-Sign, BenQ’s bespoke content management system. 4K resolution and a variety of colour modes ensure your content always looks stunning.

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