Strengthen Your Business and Protect Students with Healthy Interactive Technology

2016.12.02 by 

A Huge Opportunity to Build Healthy Learning Environments

Amidst studies showing over half of all UK population suffering from skin conditions like Psoriasis and Eczema, which almost always lead to psychological stress, and reports of school closures after E. coli outbreaks causing diarrhea and vomiting, it’s more important than ever to ensure healthy learning environments which still support interactive technology for effective education.

At the same time, nearly three-quarters of the public are unaware of another danger of technology: short-wavelength, high-energy blue light output from interactive screens, monitors, and digital devices. Research has shown digital blue light causes myopia and macular degeneration, which has doubled in the last 50 years to affect half of all European young adults.

Lead the Way to Healthy Smart Classrooms with BenQ Interactive Flat Panels
    Because health risks at schools are so prevalent, present in the very devices that facilitate learning, it’s critical to partner with BenQ to differentiate yourself and win educational bids with healthy interactive technologies for the 21st century classroom:

    BenQ AG+ Screens feature ionic silver agents which kill most bacteria on contact, to effectively block the spread of germs in classrooms.
    BenQ Anti-glare Displays reduce reflection and glare for the best classroom viewing experience without eye strain.
    BenQ TÜV-Certified Flicker-Free Technology eliminates backlight flickering to reduce CVS-related eye problems and discomfort caused by looking at the screen all day.
    BenQ TÜV-Certified Low Blue Light Technology minimizes the risks of blue-light exposure, directly linked to myopia and macular degeneration, allowing teachers to create the most comfortable and efficient viewing experience for themselves and students.
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