BenQ Displays Industry-Leading EdTech at BETT 2019

Education leaders and other visitors tested interactive flat panels, projectors, digital signage, and Jamboard.

BenQ, the internationally renowned provider of digital lifestyle devices, attended the British Educational Training and Technology Show (BETT) 2019 in hopes of educating school leaders, IT managers and innovation seekers on the benefits of implementing BenQ technology in classrooms or other spaces. The public event was held between January 23rd and 26th at ExCel London and showcased the best educational technology on the market from over 500 different exhibitors, including solutions from BenQ, Google, and other technology resellers.

Located at the entrance, the BenQ booth attracted a lot of attention and more than 1,300 visitors dropped by. Many of whom came in for a demo and then stayed to enjoy a friendly chat with BenQ team members at the BenQ refreshment bar. The BenQ booth included a selection of digital signage solutions (ST5501K), Interactive Flat Panels (RM5501K, RM6501K, RM7501K, RP6501K, and RP7501K), and a Google Jamboard for educators or potential users to experiment with. Moreover, BenQ also demonstrated a Video Wall (PL552), Wireless Presentation device (WDC20), and Projector series (LK952, LK953ST, LH890UST, and LU9715) to the public.

The event was a big success for BenQ this year. Lots of return customers dropped by to see what new options are available and there were also a lot of new faces looking for innovative solutions to problems they have with current technology. Attending the event helped increase the company’s standing in the education market and made more potential end-users aware of the unique benefits offered by BenQ’s technological solutions. The company looks forward to seeing everyone again next year. If you would like more information on solutions from the event or to book a demo, please contact BenQ UK Ltd at +44-207-2160039 or visit the BenQ Europe Website at www.benq.eu

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