Never Lose Anything

Sep 20, 2018

As an IT professional, you face increasing expectations from your organization to select and maintain the right tools to enhance workforce efficiency and agility and cope with the demands of digitalization.

However, with limited time to do research, it is hard to keep up-to-date on the latest innovations and meet both user and C Suite expectations under cost pressure and shrinking IT budgets and resources. It’s natural to cautious when adopting new technology because when a new tech breaks down, it is your work standing is at stake.

So the ask has just come in for a digital whiteboard solution to optimize employee collaboration and efficiency. Let’s look at the factors you’ll need to consider to make a decision that saves your company from lost time, lost resources, and lost opportunities.

1. Unlosing time

Teleworking is certain to increase in the next two years and as teleworking increases, the use of traditional whiteboards can hamper collaboration. How many times your heard your colleagues complaining about having to take pictures of a whiteboard after a brainstorming session? Or about someone accidentally erasing the content of the whiteboard even though it pretty vividly said “please do not erase”? 


Of course, your CEOs is well aware of these kinds of problems. According to The Opinium Workplace Productivity and Communications Technology Report performed by Mitel, the majority of UK businesses recognise that digital transformation is essential for their success. That means that more and more companies will move to replace their old-fashioned whiteboards with digital whiteboards that boost collaboration and employee`s  experiences.

An IT manager’s fear of introducing new tools in their companies is not because they do not know is how to use them, but rather the time that will be lost to implementing them. Beyond the time dedicated to installation and coding, there is maintenance and training for staff.  


That is why In terms of a digital whiteboard, you need a so-called all-in-one solution, a plug-and-play solution that does not require hours of maintenance - or even better, knows how to maintain and update  itself, and will free you from the tangle of complex cabling. 


Google Jamboard is a digital whiteboard solution that was designed with the above concerns in mind. Installation is little more than sliding it into your meeting room, plugging it in, and connecting to Wifi. The intuitive interface precludes the need for long training sessions and endless “how to” questions. And all you need to do to update it is turn it on - Jamboard updates itself. 


Your CEO will be impressed by a solution that unlocks staff’s creative potential. And your colleagues will thank you because it is so easy that one can easily get acquainted with all the functions just within the lunch time.

2. Recover your lost budget

According to The Opinium Workplace Productivity and Communications Technology Report performed by Mitel,  inefficient communication and collaboration costs more than £4 million to UK businesses.  That is the equivalent of £8,000 per person every year  in lost productivity. 


A classic  example of time wasting are meetings. Around 55% of employees agree that tech related issues during  meetings cause frustration and delays /inefficiencies or time wasting.


Or Imagine a sales representative using the company AV system to make a remote presentation to a potential client. The conferencing software does not connect at first. Even after it does, the sound is lost.  After several attempts, the sales has no choice but to cancel the video call and instead make a summary of what is already known on the matter over the phone. The client is unimpressed and the sale does not go through.

These small problems can add up to high costs over the long run.  In order to solve this problem, CEOs rely on their company IT manager to find a digital whiteboard solution that recovers lost budget rather than spends it.


Jamboard enables seamless video conferences that help the company to avoid travel fees and are both time AND money saving. It offers an all-in-one conference solution that avoids the need to purchase  extra hardware. It also skirts the high licensing costs most cloud-enabled conference products would require.

3. A whiteboard solution whose value is not lost on employees

To make the right technology decision, IT professionals need to think from the perspective of the users who will engage with the product on a daily basis.  Countries such as the UK are already entering a new digital area, and companies need to adapt in order to provide talents cutting-edge technology that would facilitate their work. 


Another one  of IT managers’ most challenging part of the job is definitely providing effective technology for meeting/conference rooms. The figures speak for themselves: the above report from Google showed that over 50% of IT professionals said meeting space systems are too complicated and that they experience challenges. 

In addition, there is real anxiety induced by technologies used at meetings, with approximately 30% concerned about technology failure as well as experiencing stress about connecting to a meeting room’s technology. Data security is also a high concern. 


The onus is on the IT manager to find a solution that satisfies a demanding digital generation while avoiding technical failures during meetings, providing a low learning curve for staff, and keeping vital company content safe while in the cloud. 


The answer is Jamboard.


Using Jamboard will allow employees to follow a growing trend that would make their meetings more effective and faster from remote locations. And the fear of failing your presentation disappears because presenting for example a PPT on Jamboard only requires to connect your computer to Jamboard with a simple cable. 


What’s more, Jamboard is so easy to use that a 5-min introduction is enough to understand the tool. The images is thrown directly on the Jamboard.


Concerned about data loss? Sleep calmly. The G Suite platform on which Jamboard runs is a strongly secured cloud-based software.

A solution to meet your business needs