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How Jamboard Saves You Time and Money

Oct 17, 2018

Innovations are great, but the reality is that not all technologies are going to work as expected. If you ever relied on a device that failed to deliver on its promise, then you know exactly what this means. It happens even to the most experienced IT managers, but all is not lost. Investing on alternative solutions can not only close the gaps, but it can possibly reverse the negative effects of these failed technologies.

Take the Jamboard, for instance. This interactive digital whiteboard offers more than just a sleek exterior. It's packed with features that intend to simplify and improve collaboration between your teams. Traditional whiteboards restrict access and visibility to people inside the room. Even if you set up a camera and point it at the board, remote participants are unable to fully engage in the discussion. The Jamboard takes the familiar experience of standing in front of a whiteboard to a new level with its intuitive design. It’s a tool that IT managers can get behind with confidence, knowing that employees will find it useful and valuable from day one. Here are three more ways the Jamboard can help you save money and recover your investments.

1. Facilitate Remote Collaboration

If you're in the market for a digital whiteboard, the Jamboard can help equip your company with the best possible technology. Global businesses that are spread out across continents require the most reliable tools available that can help employees get their jobs done. Jamboard ranks high in the reliability and connectivity department. Teams, both in person and virtual, can maximize the Jamboard features for an immersive collaborative experience. Team members can connect using another Jamboard, the Jamboard app on an iOS and Android device, a Chrome browser, or using the Hangouts Meet Hardware. 

Using the Jamboard can take the place of most in-person meetings, which will help your organization save on travel expenses. Instead of spending time on the road, team members can use their hours more productively.

Use Jamboard to maximize collaboration with remote teams.
2. Focus on Business Opportunities

We are all in the business of sales, whether we're selling products or services. Companies constantly need to prepare presentations that can help them gain new business opportunities. In such situations, the last thing that an employee needs is a technical difficulty.

The Jamboard can take presentations to a whole new level. It works seamlessly with the Hangouts Meet Hardware for the full G Suite meeting room solution. Jamboard can be paired with Hangouts Meet Hardware so that whenever a meeting begins, the Jamboard will be automatically prompted to present its screen without needing to enter a meeting code. Even on its own, however, the Jamboard makes a good impression every time. Apart from the ability to display slide decks saved on Google Drive, presenters can use machine learning features like handwriting recognition and AutoDraw that get better the more often they are used. The presentation can be interactive, with customers or audiences participating from their own devices such as using sticky notes for the Q&A session.

Use Jamboard to focus on business opportunities.
3. Reduce Hardware or License Fees

Software upgrades typically require hardware refreshes at the same time, since newer versions pack in features that need more computing power. This is a non-issue with the Jamboard. It's designed to update itself every four to six weeks, so you can be sure that you always have the latest software version and the newest features. Jamboard is a G Suite core service and adding a Jamboard to your office won’t add to your G Suite monthly per user cost. Remote users can open up jam files from a desktop browser or mobile app, allowing them to use Jamboard features even without the hardware.

While you can opt to mount the Jamboard on the wall, it also available with a rolling stand option that makes moving the board around a breeze. Many companies start by purchasing a few Jamboards with the rolling stand so that teams can more easily share the devices. Employees can wheel it between rooms, floors, and even buildings. Unlike a fixed device, teams won’t have to fight over rooms just to be able to use the hardware.

It really doesn’t take a lot to make the Jamboard an integral part of the office, especially if you’re an existing G Suite user. It’s an investment that would pay for itself through increased productivity, sales, and cost savings.