Google Jamboard

A cloud-based collaborative whiteboard

Google designed Jamboard from the ground up so that teams can share their ideas efficiently and effectively. Unlike products that are designed as a generic solution and don't focus on any specific task, Jamboard is a cloud-based whiteboard centered around remote collaboration.

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Cloud-based machine learning

Google utilizes its cutting-edge cloud-based machine learning technologies in Jamboard to provide features that further enrich your collaboration experience. These sophisticated technologies are extremely intuitive and easy to use. The machine learning algorithms get better the more you use them.

AutoDraw, converts your drawings into clipart


AutoDraw, an exclusive feature on Jamboard, converts your drawings into clipart. Simply create a sketch, and AutoDraw will provide a list of clipart for you to choose from.

Handwriting recognition, converts your handwriting into text

Handwriting recognition

Handwriting recognition automatically converts handwriting to text. With handwriting recognition, your handwriting will always be legible no matter how quickly you write.

Shape recognition, create perfect shapes by hand

Shape recognition

Create perfect shapes by hand and connect them using shape recognition. You can use shape recognition to tidy up your jam or draw complicated flow charts.

Ultra-responsive 55-inch 4K screen

Technology designed for the user

Jamboard’s 55-inch 4K screen presents your content in vivid detail and the ultra-responsive display makes it feel like you’re drawing on a regular whiteboard. Simply pick up a stylus and start jamming. It's that simple. The passive stylus and eraser feel natural to use. No pairing and no charging required.

Automatically saves everything. Never lose a thing.

Auto-save, start where you left off

Every jam is automatically saved on your Google Drive. Want to continue where you left off? No problem! Simply push your jam onto a Jamboard and jam away.

Bring your G Suite assets straight into the Jamboard

G-Suite integration

Effortlessly drag and drop your Google Drive files into your jam to bring your jams to life. You can use your Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides as well as any PDFs or images.

Present your Jamboard into Hangouts Meet with one click

Hangouts Meet Hardware integration

You can pair your Jamboard with your Hangouts Meet Hardware so that your Jamboard will automatically be invited to any meetings that your Hangouts Meet Hardware is in.

Jamboard’s high-end specs ensure that your Jamboard will remain productive into the future


Jamboard receives software updates every 4-6 weeks. These updates also include major new features that will further enhance your future jams. Jamboard uses a powerful chipset that is shared by Waymo’s self-driving cars so that your Jamboard will be able to keep up with updates for years to come.


Real-time Collaboration Anywhere

Whether you’re at home, at your office, or in a taxi, you can join your team for a real-time jam session using one of the following methods:

Collaborate from on Jamboard to another

Jamboard to Jamboard

Collaborate directly from Jamboard to Jamboard.

Collaborate using the Jamboard app

Jamboard app

Download the Google Jamboard app on your Android or iOS device to collaborate in real-time.

Follow a Jam using Hangouts Meet

Hangouts Meet

Join a jam through video conferencing with the Hangouts Meet app on an Android or iOS or device, or on a Chrome browser.

Follow a Jam using a web browser

Web browser

Open a jam on your browser and follow in real-time.


Case Studies

Testimonials, News and Blogs

"I can see a future where Jamboard is on every screen making every meeting a multimedia collaboration event without needing to worry about where you are or what tools your missing."

Brian Dochney, Spotify


Testimonials, News and Blogs

Jamboard is a cloud-based collaborative whiteboard, allowing people to sketch out ideas and inspire one another. And like G Suite, you’ll collaborate easier on projects. In this episode, Riya and Drea cover the basics of how G Suite integrates with Jamboard.


Like a digital whiteboard, but unlike any digital whiteboard.

Jamboard can do anything a regular IFP can, but no one can facilitate collaboration quite like Jamboard.

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Education Program

Using Google Jamboard in the classroom sparks creativity, encourages collaboration, and increases engagement.
K-12 and higher education institutions will also qualify for the Jamboard education program when having adopted G-Suite for Education.
If you are not yet a G-Suite for Education user, please refer to Qualifications for G Suite for Education

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