G Suite changes how we work

Grow Your Business with G Suite

Sep 20, 2018

Technological advances have paved the way for innovations that have changed how we work. However, adopting new technologies can be a challenging and lengthy process. Businesses understandably err on the side of caution. Large enterprises with thousands of employees need to carefully consider budget and any possible implications before investing in new tools and systems. Even smaller companies need to carefully consider their limited resources before making the leap.

As consumers, individuals can easily fall into the trap of the shiny new thing syndrome. Suffice to say, the same carefree attitude would be unsuitable in a corporate setting. Before anything gets cascaded to the cubicle-dwelling employee, decision makers need to evaluate the costs and benefits of every acquisition and expense.

Moving to the Cloud

A LogicMonitor survey predicts that 83% of enterprise workloads will be in the cloud by 2020. It shouldn’t come as a surprise then that businesses are investing in cloud migration. Until recently, on-premise solutions won over cloud-based alternatives when it comes to security and reliability. This is no longer the case, with cloud-based technologies like G Suite transforming the workplace with its 2048-bit encryption.


The real power of the G Suite lies in seamless integration among teams, departments, and sites. Remote collaboration isn't just a possibility – it becomes the norm. This might not seem like a big deal in this constantly connected world, but true collaboration in a work environment can lead to tangible business results. Here are four ways G Suite can help grow your business.


Businesses are moving towards cloud-based solutions.
1. Minimize Down Times

G Suite offers 99.95% uptime with no scheduled downtime in its Service Level Agreement. When files and accounts are stored on devices, businesses are left at a standstill when these devices malfunction. If everything is on the cloud, it requires very little time and effort to get someone up and running again with a different machine. Transferring assets between employees likewise requires minimal effort on the IT team. This means IT professionals can focus on finding ways to improve the business instead of wasting energy on data recovery.

2. Lower the Learning Curve

Google applications such as Gmail and Drive have become integral parts of people's personal lives. As a result, using the same apps in a work setting greatly lowers the learning curve. The interfaces and workflows are familiar, so new employees can focus on learning the business rather than figuring out how to use clunky legacy systems. Power users can also fully maximize the tools and even help their colleagues, taking more load off of the IT team.

3. Hire the Best Talent

Expanding your workforce to include remote workers opens up untapped resources. The world effectively becomes your talent pool. Whether you're looking to hire someone from the other end of the country or from a different time zone, G Suite has you covered. Remote employees can be up and running from day one. With their G Suite corporate account, new hires can quickly access HR documents and onboarding materials, and meet the team via video conference. As the hiring manager, you can focus more on finding the right skill sets and experience, instead of trying to hire locally. 

Use collaboration tools to hire the best talent available.
4. Scalability is Key

Introducing new systems takes time and effort, so why go for something you would need to replace again in a few years? G Suite can grow with you. It works with businesses of all sizes and provides the same value to companies regardless of their annual revenue. Even companies that continuously undergo tedious mergers and acquisitions will find that G Suite can handle the heavy lifting required. Creating new accounts and ensuring company-wide access can be completed in less time, helping ensure smooth transitions. You can rely on G Suite to take care of the small details while you focus your energy on expanding the business.

 G Suite is scalable is that it can grow with your company.