Top talent demands the right tools to do their jobs effectively.

Google Technologies that Help Attract and Retain Talent

Sep 21, 2018

The recruitment process has grown more complex over the years. Companies are constantly looking for more than just matching skill sets with job requirements, and finding good talent has become even more challenging. A McKinsey article highlights the importance of attracting and retaining talent, saying that high performers are 800% more productive in highly complex occupations. This highlights how important it is to attract and retain the best of the best.

Unfortunately, candidates have become more discerning. Companies are feeling the pressure to build the right culture and create an inspiring work environment. Perhaps even more challenging is the task of retaining the high performers. Headhunters are not shy about poaching exceptional talent and employees themselves are not afraid to jump ship for the right opportunity.

Every culture is unique, but technology is one thing that many companies have in common. Investing in the right tools can truly make a difference and these Google offerings can help you attract and retain the right talent.

1. Leverage the Power of the Cloud with G Suite

Traditionally, productivity suites require companies to purchase perpetual licenses. Upfront costs might seem reasonable assuming that they can be used for several years. This might have been true a decade ago but given the frequency of updates and version releases, this is no longer the case. There is a definite move towards cloud-based services and the sooner your company adopts this trend, the better it will be for your business. 

Apart from minimizing company expenses, moving to a cloud-based service can empower your workforce. Knowing that their work files and company email can be accessible from outside the office typically encourages employees to work beyond the office walls and after hours. Take for instance working parents who value work-life harmony. Knowing that they can put equal value on spending time with their children and advancing their careers could be the deciding factor when choosing between job offers. Giving employees the flexibility to do their jobs remotely when needed does more good than harm to your bottom line and their job satisfaction. 

2. Redefine Meetings with Hangouts Meet Hardware

You might be surprised to learn just how much stress a malfunctioning conferencing system can cause to employees who regularly need to do customer calls and presentations. Google Hangouts Meet simplifies the process by using the power of G Suite. It works seamlessly with Calendar to help you every step of the way – from inviting participants to finding a big enough room.

The hardware kit includes a touchscreen, speaker mic, camera, and a Chromebox. The entire setup aims to help your organization create a video first culture that makes it easy for employees to have meaningful conversations and to build real connections wherever they are in the world.


Have better meetings with Hangouts Meet Hardware
3. Create and Collaborate with the Jamboard

Another common pain point that is often overlooked in the workplace is social loading or the tendency of some individuals to put in less effort in group settings. In meetings with multiple participants, it's inevitable for some individuals to dominate the conversation. For some employees, it's easier to share their thoughts in writing and in-person meetings can be a cause of stress. 

Jamboard addresses these issues by providing a truly collaborative platform. Employees who need to do presentations or calls, can invite participants to join a jam using a browser or mobile app. Teams can give participants the option to join a meeting in person or virtually. Using built-in tools like sticky notes, everyone can give their feedback and participate in the discussion. By allowing employees to be themselves and giving them the space to share their ideas, you create more room for creativity and increase employee satisfaction.

Everyone is involved with the Jamboard.