Expand office walls.

Deliver a Digital Workforce that Works

Sep 20, 2018

The digital workplace extends beyond the four walls of a traditional office. Businesses of all sizes – from startups to enterprises – are all moving towards increasingly digitalized workplaces. Employees share virtual spaces that enable them to exchange knowledge and establish relationships, whether they're in adjacent cubicles or on different continents. Companies are now relying more heavily on tools and technologies that enable them to do business anywhere in the world.

IT managers thus have an increasingly vital role in organizations. According to Deloitte , "more organizations are committing IT budget on supporting digital workplace strategies that promise to deliver measurable returns." The task of implementing this strategy falls on the shoulders of the IT manager who needs to carefully evaluate and recommend solutions that can either improve or replace existing systems.

Take for instance a situation where management is considering a switch to digital whiteboards. Before giving a recommendation, a manager might want to ask two important questions: 1) Does it address known pain points? and 2) Can it improve productivity?

With the Google Jamboard, the answer to both questions is YES.

1. Address Pain Points

A Udemy survey on workplace distraction found that 33% of meetings are interrupted by technology or connectivity problems. Distractions come in many forms: wrong meeting codes, poor audio-visual quality, and random disconnections. Jamboard can minimize such interruptions by providing a seamless experience. Google Calendar automatically adds the correct meeting code to an invite so that attendees will never sign into the wrong meeting room. Hangouts Meet supports high definition video and Google has over 2.5 million servers in 15 data centers around the world, leading to better video quality and fewer dropped calls.


Unlike a traditional whiteboard with its finite surface, Jamboard allows users to keep the ideas flowing. There is plenty of space for new concepts, thoughts, and ideas as each jam or session can support up to 20 frames. Multiple users can also work on different frames simultaneously, so users don’t need to take turns at the board.

Jamboard minimizes technical interruptions.

2. Improve Productivity

Author and speaker Tony Robbins defines productivity as “getting the results you want with less time and effort”. It seems counterintuitive then how some productivity tools end up getting in the way of our jobs. The traditional whiteboard is quickly falling into this category. While it was initially designed to help capture knowledge on a reusable surface, changes in the way we work have decreased its reliability in the workplace. More often than not, it takes away time from the actual tasks at hand given how participants need to stop to erase the board when it gets full or how they need to take a picture of a whiteboard after a meeting. 

The Jamboard takes the traditional whiteboard and transforms it into a productivity tool that can keep up with the demands of the modern digital workplace. It automatically saves every session to the cloud, making it easy to retrieve and share with collaborators and other stakeholders. Increasing productivity may not be part of your official job description, but IT managers will surely hear about workplace disruptions such as when the internet goes down or the video conferencing system is unresponsive. 


Get results you want with less time and effort

Introducing the Jamboard to the workspace is a proactive way to avoid such incidents. Its intuitive design presents users with an interface that they're already familiar with. There is no need for onboarding and definitely minimal room for technical emergencies. The passive stylus and eraser do not need Bluetooth pairing or recharging, adding to the frictionless experience.

Teams brainstorm to get creative juices and ideas flowing, and that’s exactly what the Jamboard facilitates. Creative drawing tools, clip art, and web content allow teams to delve into engaging discussions and get the work done with less time and effort.