Explore the success stories of how Google Jamboard changes the way organizations collaborate.
Leeds City College creates independent learning environment with Google Jamboard

Leeds City College is one of the largest Further Education institutions in the United Kingdom and operates out of three main campuses, as well as having provisions in smaller community centres across Leeds. With over 1,900 members of staff and around 24,000 students, it covers almost all subject areas and offers full or part-time academic and vocational qualifications, meaning there is something to suit everyone from pre and post 16 year olds to adult learners and employers of businesses.

Hazelwood School Leads The Future Of Education With Jamboard

Hazelwood School in Surrey, England, is an independent co-educational preparatory school that is proud of its one hundred plus years of tradition and educational excellence; yet the school motto, spiritu inspiratus – which translates as ‘lungfuls of inspiration’ – is indicative equally of the school’s dedication to seek out and embrace champion the latest methods of learning and teaching.  

Cloud thinking with Google Jamboard

With offices in both Stuttgart and Berlin, Germany, Zoi TechCon GmbH (Zoi) is an IT consultancy focused on the development of digital solutions, cloud transformation, data and electrical engineering. It boasts a team of over 50 employees that advise and consult for well-known clients on challenging IT and technology projects.

Tips From a Creative Director: What Innovation Can Teach Us About Working in a Creative

The key to a team’s efficiency is seamless communication

When I first started working in advertising, I noticed just how busy everyone was. Someone would be rushing to get to a meeting, hurrying to a film shoot, or frantically finding props for a set. In an ad agency, there seems to be an endless amount of work and never enough people around to complete it. ​

Tips From a Creative Director: The Future of Integration in Advertising

A successful proposal needs to first integrate everyone’s ideas

One of the biggest frustrations in advertising is how much the proposal changes with each stakeholder. Everyone thinks they know what the client wants and they continuously change their ideas only to realize that the client has a very different direction in mind.

NC STATE University and Google Jamboard

NC State is using Google Jamboard to transform its collaborative learning spaces and help fulfill its mission to democratize access to technology for students.

PATH Architecture and Google Jamboard

PATH Architecture is an award-winning firm based in Portland, Oregon, known for using green, sustainable methods to create striking buildings.

​"Jamboard helps us focus more on the ideas, and less on translating creative direction to different teams."

-Avi Couillard, Senior Strategist at Instrument

​"Jamboard democratizes brainstorms. Ideas come from everywhere, and being able to iterate early in the process helps you produce your best work."

-Andrew Barden, Senior Producer ​at Instrument

​"I can see a future where Jamboard is on every screen making every meeting a multimedia collaboration event without needing to worry about where you are or what tools your missing."

-Brian Dochney, IT technical product owner

​"Google Jamboard is so engaging and intuitive that following white-boarding and note-sharing the team can't help but use it for creative pastime"

-Krystan Mompere, Coordinator, Data

"Now with Jamboard and the app, it’s easier to reach a consensus with the different stakeholders. I really cannot imagine how I’ve managed to integrate work efficiently in the past."

- Vincent Kao, Senior Creative Director - NEXT.​

​"Jamboard breaks down barriers to interactive, visual collaboration across teams everywhere. It’s the perfect anchor for a meeting and encourages impromptu, productive sessions. We can easily add any content to the Jamboard to capture great ideas from everyone. We immediately saw the benefits."

- Shaown Nandi, Chief Information Officer at Dow Jones

​"The biggest hurdle in our industry is overcoming the status quo. Here at PATH we're all about embracing change."

- Ben Kaiser, Owner and Principal - PATH Architecture