Jamboard inspires collaboration.

5 Ways Jamboard Creates a Better Employee Experience

Oct. 17, 2018

Happy employees are more engaged and productive. Luckily for companies, there are many ways to achieve job satisfaction. Some employees value flexible work hours while others appreciate companies that create positive work environments. One common element that all employees seek are the tools to help them do their jobs effectively. Employee success is critical to employee satisfaction. Introducing tools that inspire collaboration and encourage participation often leads to better results. The Jamboard perfectly fits this bill as it is designed with true collaboration in mind.

1. Creativity Meets Productivity

The Jamboard more than just replaces your traditional whiteboard. It's a platform for creative collaboration. Brainstorming becomes a completely new experience with its ability to pull in digital assets from Google Drive, and the built-in handwriting recognition, web search, and AutoDraw features. Tom Kelley, partner at the global design and innovation company Ideo, shared how visuals play a crucial part in what they call “brainstormer” sessions. In his book, The Art of Innovation, he said that unobstructed flow is important when churning out ideas. The Jamboard is built for these uninterrupted brainstorming sessions. There’s no need erase the board when it fills up. Just move on to the next frame and keep the ideas flowing.

Jamboard empowers collaboration and ideation.

2. Remote Collaboration Made Easy

The Jamboard makes remote collaboration a seamless experience. On-site and remote teams can easily jump into a jam and share their thoughts on a project. A shared virtual space means that there is no need to set up a video conferencing system, assign a note-taker, and send photos of the whiteboard after a meeting. With the Jamboard, virtual attendees can see and contribute to the board in real-time. The Jamboard also works with Hangouts Meet and comes with its own wide-angle camera for video calls.

Jamboard makes collaboration easier.
3. More Productive Meeting

Meetings can be a waste of time if not conducted properly. Employees need the right tools to get the most out of the meeting. Delays caused by technical difficulties may seem inconsequential, but the compounded effects can cost companies significant money. When meetings are delayed due to a technical issue, the agenda gets rushed and important topics are hastily presented. The Jamboard addresses this pain point by offering the tools necessary to run successful brainstorming sessions. Presenters can use HDMI or Chromecast to project their screen onto the Jamboard. With the proper tools, meetings are more productive and teams can accomplish more in less time.

4. Better User Experience

It might be a low priority for some companies when evaluating technologies, but user experience plays a huge role in overall employee satisfaction. The ability to quickly complete a task makes a difference in how an employee perceives a job. Legacy systems that require complex setup and training may leave employees feeling more frustrated than accomplished. 

Powered by G Suite, the Jamboard takes the familiar Google experience to the next level. Users who are familiar with Google applications can immediately jump into a session and interact with the intuitive interface. With just a few taps, they can pull in documents or invite team members to join a jam. Each jam is also automatically saved to the cloud, so teams can pick up where they left off and share the jam files with other colleagues.

Jamboard extends the familiar Google experience
5. Secure Connections Every Time

Traditional whiteboards are perhaps one of the least secure ways to share and store knowledge. Guests walking into an office can easily see possibly confidential information if employees are not careful. Taking photos of whiteboards after a meeting isn't secure either. Employees can easily send photos to people outside the organization and propriety information can leak. The Jamboard prevents your data from accidentally falling into the wrong hands by minimizing these risks. Exiting a jam leaves the screen clean and ready for the next team. More importantly, Google Drive gives jam owners full control on who gets access to the files.