Jamboard can help IT managers regain lost time.

3 Ways Jamboard Regains Lost Time

Oct. 17, 2018

Historically, IT teams are smaller compared to other departments. In fact, in smaller organizations, a "team" can even mean just one person handling all the requests for help with hardware, software, and office equipment. There may be down times, but for the most part, IT teams are constantly pulled in many directions. This makes it easy for IT professionals to feel the stress that comes with the role and wish that there's a better way to do things.

Thankfully, there is. The Jamboard isn’t a silver bullet but it can definitely help IT teams and organizations make better use of their resources and even regain lost time.

1. No Data Recovery Required

IT teams are often tasked with recovering data from damaged systems. With Jamboard, every stroke and touch is sent to the cloud and automatically saved. If the Jamboard suffers from a power interruption in the middle of a session, simply boot up the Jamboard and the jam will show up automatically on the screen with zero data lost. The owner of a jam can add collaborators allowing them to save sessions and pull in files from their Drive. Closing a jam automatically logs out a user and the next person can quickly take over the board.

 Every action on the Jamboard is automatically saved to the cloud.]
2. Less Training, More Creating

Creating training materials and actually walking employees through the process of using an enterprise solution takes time away from other tasks. Unfortunately, even with manuals and tutorials available, some employees would still require a lot of hand-holding, which means even more lost time for the IT team. The Jamboard completely simplifies the onboarding process for most employees. The board's intuitive design makes it easy for employees to jump in and use the board effortlessly. There is no learning curve since Google users are already familiar with the user interface and they can use the Jamboard as they would a traditional whiteboard.

The Jamboard’s inutuitive interface removes the need for training.

[How Jamboard saves you time on employee training: it’s so intuitive that it functions as its own how-to guide. Employees can learn it in the time it takes them to have a lunch – or even while having lunch.]

3. More Productive Meetings

IT teams are always on standby whenever there's an important meeting. They need to make sure that the audio-visual system or video conferencing device is working as expected. Even in smaller, everyday meetings, employees typically call in IT's help when no one can figure out how to make the projector work or if the connection is unreliable. The Jamboard minimizes the need for IT intervention because it's built to work right out of the box. Teams can run meetings without interruptions with a reliable Wi-Fi connection. When the IT team spends less time troubleshooting issues, they gain time for more productive endeavors

The Jamboard is robust and reduces the need for IT support

[How Jamboard saves you time during meetings: Minimal setup requirements and practically eliminates the need for troubleshooting.