Tokyo Community School

Tokyo Community School and BenQ Ultra Short Throw Projector


At Tokyo Community School, the staff knew it wanted to incorporate technology in the classroom. It not only enhanced the learning experience for the students, but it made teaching easier. Unfortunately, for the staff there, the interactive whiteboards they had worked with in demos were unsatisfactory, and left a lot to be desired. Moreover, most were incompatible with Apple’s line of products, which posed a problem as both staff and students used Apple exclusively.


To make sure Tokyo Community School had the right technology, BenQ provided a demonstration of its interactive projector. The ultra-short throw lens meant a large, crisp and clear image could be projected in rooms with limited space. Unlike interactive whiteboards the school had worked with previously, the interactive projector was easy to work with and had a rapid calibration time of 1-second. Significantly faster and simpler than standard interactive whiteboard calibration.


Tokyo Community School chose the MW853UST projector, the PW01U PointWrite™ module with 2 pens. With these items, the instructors at the school were able to do all the things they imagined they could with technology. Maybe more importantly, the students loved using new equipment.

Facts at a Glance

Tokyo Community School



Year of Completion



Equip the school with an interactive projector solution to encourage students and create a fun learning environment.

BenQ Solution Used

PointWrite™ Solution Package:
• MW853UST Interactive Projector
• PW01U PointWrite™

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