Grupa Kety Makes Meetings More Productive with BenQ Wireless Presentation Solutions

Grupa Kety Makes Meetings More Productive with BenQ Wireless Presentation Solutions


Grupa Kety S.A., an industrial multinational corporation, sought to renovate the conference rooms at its headquarters in Kety, Poland. It wanted to streamline presentation setup in its management and engineering meeting rooms and eliminate common presentation-related technical issues.


Based on the recommendation of its system integrator, Grupa Kety opted to use BenQ presentation solutions in its conference rooms. By offering interactive flat panel displays and true plug-and-play wireless presentation solutions, BenQ promised to make it easy for anybody to bring in a laptop and present immediately.


The switch to BenQ has made meetings vastly more comfortable and productive. Whereas previously employees dealt with frequent delays due to unfriendly technology in the conference room, now they can set up and begin presenting immediately from devices they are comfortable with.

Facts at a Glance

Grupa Kety S.A. Headquarter



Year of Completion



A multinational engineering and heavy industry corporation looks to streamline its conference rooms and boost meeting efficiency

BenQ Solution Used:

- BenQ InstaShow WDC10 Wireless Presentation Solution
- BenQ RP703 70'' Interactive Flat Panel Display
- BenQ RP704K 4K UHD 70’’ Interactive Flat Panel Display

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