Keep Your Lesson Plan While Keeping Students Healthy

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One of the hardest sectors to incorporate working from home for is education. Keeping student attention remotely for a class that could go up to 30+ students in some regions was unthinkable before the digital age and even now poses several difficulties. The right setup for students and remotely tracking their progress is an absolute must to make sure they stick to the lesson plan and keep making the progress they should.

The Essentials

In order to have students learn from home they need to have a basic, universal setup. Teachers need to know what their pupils are working with and how they are using this equipment in order to provide the proper support. That is why it’s important for schools to go over a checklist of options and come up with the right solution for their situation.

If the answer to any of the below questions is no, then your school needs to come up with a plan on how to effectively solve this situation. For example, check with your school’s foundation and the publisher of your teaching tools as several offer their solutions temporarily for free. The right research and planning will make a world of difference for teachers and students.

The Follow-up

Now that the essentials are in place and remote learning begins, it is very important to have a way to track student performance so no one will lag behind. There are several ways to track student results and the most important tool will be the learning platform you choose, like Snappet or Gynzy. The right platform will provide both the lesson plan and interactive, adaptive exercises so student performance can actively be monitored on their own level. This will be an immense help for the teacher to track progress.

Ideally, there will also be a platform in place where creative creations by students can be shared. Google Drive or OneDrive are valid options, but there are also plenty of options that are made purely for education purposes like Padlet. Being able to share their work even from home, will give students a huge boost in morale that will help them keep motivated in the period they cannot see their teacher or classmates.

During the day, students will get a lot of questions. To prevent the teaching flow being disturbed too much, set one hour aside every day to answer all their questions. Use a video conference solution like Google Hangouts Meet or Microsoft Teams to handle them directly. Also reserve time for some fun during this hour by celebrating a birthday for example, making sure no one will feel left out.

The Tools

As mentioned in this article, it’s important to pick the right tools to get through this period. Finding the right one can be a challenge though, luckily there is a comprehensive list online that shows over 250 free online learning resources. These are divided by several categories like elementary, middle or high school and contain clear descriptions per resource what it is and what it offers. If you are still looking to add more tools then this will be the perfect place to start.

A great tool that enables distance learning is EZWrite Live . This powerful cloud-based software allows teacher and student to work simultaneously on tasks and gives teachers the ability to keep tracking student performance, even when miles away. EZWrite Live offers teachers the option to just broadcast their own screen, allow students to make direct changes in a shared document or even start a one-on-one video call to give extra attention to struggling students.

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