BenQ Energizes Education Projectors with Futureproof Solutions

BenQ Dust Guard™ and BlueCore Laser Empower New Interactive Projector Models to Maximize Technology Investments

TAIPEI, TAIWAN, July 26, 2017 – BenQ, the global No.1 DLP brand, today announced its latest education projectors with the innovative Dust GuardTM and BlueCore Laser technologies. Complementing new laser education projectors (LX833STD, LX810STD) featuring revolutionary laser technology and sealed engine design for superb picture quality and maintenance-free operation, the new education series (DX825ST, DX808ST, MW826ST, MX825ST, MW809ST, MX808ST) offers significant upgrades in dustproof capability to ensure reliable performance for digital classrooms. Combining advanced short throw projection, intuitive interactivity, and efficient installation and management, BenQ education projectors deliver future-proof collaborative display solutions for academic excellence.

“BenQ Dust GuardTM and BlueCore Laser stand vigil at the forefront of education technology,” said Conway Lee, President of BenQ Corporation. “These advanced technologies assure the ultimate visual performance achieved by our education projectors endure the tests of time to deliver outstanding instruction to future classes for years to come.

Class-Leading Dustproof Design: BenQ Dust GuardTM
Dust, commonly found in higher concentration in indoor settings, is the primary source of damage, performance degradation, and reduced projector lifetime. Equipped with international dustproof protection rating of IP5X or better, the revolutionary BenQ Dust GuardTM technology utilizes sealed optical engine design, advanced color wheel sensors, and high-performance dust filters to block out particles up to the level of PM2.5, offering extended projection lifetime without color decay for superb lecture and presentation quality in the dustiest environments.

Passing through a series of rigorous tests in a severe environment comprised of large amounts of fine dust, soot, and milled cotton lint, BenQ Dust GuardTM employs a three-prong system to protect projection performance and picture quality:

   -Sealed Optical Engine Architecture fully protects the DLP chip, color wheels, and light path components to eliminate color wheel sensor failures, visible spots on the image, color decay and significantly reduce service costs and downtime.

   -Anti-Dust Color Wheel Sensors reject dust accumulation to prolong optimal performance without flickering, abnormal colors, or dust-related shutdown. Available on select models, BenQ Dust GuardTM 's hall sensor is up to seven times more dust-resistant than traditional sensors.

   -Advanced Dust Filters prevent intrusion of up to 90% of PM10 level particles such as pollen and dust, tremendously improving protection in dusty environments. Certain models under Dust GuardTM go further by employing two layers of filters to block chalk residue and particles up to the level of PM2.5 without restricting air flow.

Powerful BlueCore Laser Performance, Reliability, and Safety

Meeting skyrocketing demand for laser projection in education, BenQ education projectors produce BlueCore laser-powered image quality with increased color ratios and pure RGBY chromaticity for dramatically improved color saturation and brilliancy. Furthermore, BlueCore laser diode banks are fully sealed, eradicating dust entry and guaranteeing 20,000 hours of maintenance-free high brightness operation with instant power on and off for ideal class flow and control. And utilizing special diffuser lenses to soften the laser light, BenQ BlueCore education projectors are rated as IEC Class I laser devices ensuring absolute user safety, even when the laser beam is directed into the eye.

Intuitive Interactivity

Encouraging student participation, BenQ PointWrite technology sets up quickly and intuitively, turning any surface into an interactive whiteboard with Multi-Touch and Multi-Screen capability. BenQ education projectors are also ready for BYOD collaboration via QCast wireless dongles or wired MHL support to stream content from smart devices to the big screen.

Simplified Management and Installation

Fully supporting Crestron, AMX, PJ Link, and Extron LAN control systems, BenQ education projectors also provide centralized multiple projector network management capability via the BenQ Multiple Display Administrator. And for efficient installation, the new BenQ education projectors provide convenient screen size adjustment capability to fine-tune screen sizes and perfectly align projection on the desired frame.

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