Business Exhibition

Crafting an intensely surreal environment to entice, thrill and excite an audience is paramount to gaining traction over the competition. The touch-enable Interactive Signage, the maintenance-free BlueCore Laser Projector and the dual-lamp High Brightness Large Venue Projector, all operating nonstop is a surefire way to create an environment that captures people’s imaginations and attracts an audience to any exhibition.

See what BenQ can do for business exhibition with optimal display

  • Design awe-inspiring projection mapping with long-lasting superior image quality, powered by the maintenance-free BlueCore Laser Projector with 360° and portrait projection
  • Display attention-grabbing content with superior quality images with a dual-lamp High Brightness Large Venue Projector that’s capable of bringing larger-than-life images front and center
  • Provide constant and reliable interactive touch-based controlled media with Interactive Signage that’s engineered to provide a nonstop, rich user experience

High Brightness Large Venue Projector

Stunning Circular Projection Made Possible with Flexible Installation and Reliable Operation

BlueCore Laser Projector

Craft Eye-catching Projection Mapping with Enduring BlueCore Laser Technology

Interactive Signage

Let Consumers Help Themselves with Reliable Touchscreen Displays

Flawless Display in Portrait View

Perfect portrait view is made possible in part due to the tighter fixing points between edges, preventing “mura” image distortion, a commonly seen issue in standard vertically positioned consumer displays.

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